Training 101
Training Interface

What is training?

Training allow you to make your in game creatures more powerful, the stronger you monster the more $MOOLAH you have a chance to earn per day. There are some limits and some ways that you can maximize your training sessions along with cooldowns that restrict the amount of times you can battle per day. Training is the main mechanic for our play 2 earn model and it rewards players who constantly come back and train the largest armies.

How to Train a Creature

Training a Creature is simple just choose one from the creature tab after minting and hit train, as long as the creature is not on cooldown it will prompt a confirmation on the blockchain and get a training result for you.
Example training result

Training Level Up Mechanics

In order to progress you creatures you need to train them and get your army to a higher overall level. This gets slight harder as time goes on. If you complete the training successfully you get 10 EXP if you fail you only gain 2 this is determent by a random dice roll.
if (training = 'success') {
user.experience += 10
else {
user.experience +=2
There is also a level up requirement that is based on you level and the experience modifier that is an internal value currently set at 5. To level your creature you would need to have more experience than this level.
EX: Level 10 Creature would need 50 EXP to get to level 11.
This is also shown in the UI!

$MOOLAH Reward System

Our reward system is fairly simple and is based on 3 metrics.
  1. 1.
    Creature Level - Scalable via Training
  2. 2.
    Creature Boost - Scalable to Max Levels via Powerups
  3. 3.
    Farm Reward - Internal Based Reward Metric - 0.01 $MOOLAH
uint reward = user.boost.mul(user.level).mul(farmReward);
EX: Level 10 Creature With 5 Boost would receive 0.5 Tokens Per Train

Cooldown System

Training has a cooldown and can be adjusted in the game for the first few weeks if it is needed to tune the rewards up or down, but in our current design creatures are able to battle every 9333 blocks. This means you can battle up to 3 times per day if you are diligent and a hardcore player!
EX: Level 10 Creature With 5 Boost would receive 0.5 Tokens Per Train * 3= 1.5 $MOOLAH per DAY
** This is also show in the UI when each creature is off cooldown and ready for training.
Example Chart of current rewards per base level creature.

How Training Odds Work?

Training odds are on a Dice Roll system to give the game more of a balance as well as a luck factor. The die has 21 sides and you need to roll and 12 or higher in order to win your training session. You can see the full log of all training events in our discord as they happen in real-time.
This value is not changeable and is hardcoded in the smart contract.
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