How to use the Marketplace

We have designed the marketplace to be a simple yet effective place for players to trade creatures safely with other players. The market place is a smart contract that takes ownership of your creature as a middle man and holds it safe until a buyer is found. Once someone is willing to buy at your set price in $MOOLAH the contract will distribute the $MOOLAH to the seller and the creature to the new owner minus a 10% fee to the developer & marketing wallet that can be used to support the game in the future.
When your creatures are listed on the marketplace you are not able to train them!!!!
Once you enter creep id it will ask you to approve and list the price in $MOOLAH that you wish to list for.


Creature ID

Here you will enter the ID of the creature you wish to sell.

Sell Price #MOOLAH

Here you will enter the price in $MOOLAH you wish to sell your creature for

Approving Creature before listing

After you enter you creature id you will see the approve button show up, you will need to approve each creature individually before being listed, you are allowing the marketplace to transfer this for you.

Canceling a listing

Canceling a listing is done the same way, you enter your ID and then hit cancel and it will return you creature to you wallet.
Approve Market Button
In order to make a purchase on the market you need to first allow the marketplace to transfer $MOOLAH after approving you are free to make trades.

Refresh Listings

This will allow you to refresh active listing without refreshing the page, new listing do not get loaded automatically.

My Listings

This will allow you to to view only your active listing on the marketplace.
Prices are listed below the stats of each creature in the marketplace to buy all you need to do is hit the buy button after approving the marketplace. Make sure to wait for the prompts to complete or you will need to wait an extended period of time to see the creature show up in your creature dashboard.
At the bottom you can cycle through the pages of available monsters, they are only sorted from old to new listings, so the newest listing will show on the last page, this is designed to help older listing get more visibility.
There is a 10% fee on all sales in the marketplace that currently go to the development/marketing wallet.