Phase 2 of our Play Earn Game
Concept art for Battle Mode 6v6

What are Battles?

Battles are a new smart contract game where you can que up your creatures with other players to fight for $MOOLAH rewards.

How do Battles Work?

Battles are blind pick meaning you will need to choose a creature and an item you wish to battle with and sign a transaction to join the que. The teams are assembled randomly and when all the spots are filled the fight will commence and the the results will be shown in the GUI. The winning team gets rewarded in $MOOLAH for the victory.
There will be item cooldowns
There will be Battle Timers, Only so many battles can happen per day.

Scoring System

coming soon

How do Rewards Work?

The Battles Contract will be funded by the Creature Marketplace Trading fees offering a constant stream of $MOOLAH back to the rewards pool.
There will be a base reward that the creatures on the winning team receive when winning a battle.
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